Friday, March 09, 2007

A New Low

On Tuesday, New Bedford was shaken by an immigration raid at Michael Bianco Inc., a local leather goods manufacturing company. More than 300 workers, mostly women, were detained and many are being deported. Boston Globe Editorial, 3/9/07

Massachusetts has the dubious distinction this week of hosting a raid on a local manufacturing company, netting 350 illegal immigrants. No one seems to care about the jerk who employed these folks; all anyone cares about is that the workers are illegal. What’s come to light is that most of them are women, and many of them are also mothers. The immigration officials were quick to send many of the women out of state – probably to protect the country from their foul influence – and left behind a number of children without proper caretakers. What really breaks my heart – as well as enrages me – is that some of these women are nursing mothers, and two babies ended up in the hospital, dehydrated, because their mothers were shipped off without anyone realizing that they are someone’s FOOD SOURCE.

What the hell is going on?

Why couldn’t the immigration officials ask these women if they have children, if they have babies that they are nursing at home, what the circumstances are of their situation? As Governor Patrick asked, what was the rush here???

Officially, of course, undocumented immigrants are breaking the law. But in daily practice, undocumented workers are part of the economy, and everyday law enforcement routinely ignores millions of these workers, reinforcing the unofficial fact that the country both tolerates and relies on them. --Boston Globe editorial 3/9/07

This is just another example of the uneven application of the law to the detriment of women. Illegal immigrants are working everywhere in the U.S., but for some reason, this particular company was selected to use as an "example." And who is suffering? Not the owners. Women, of course. Women from other countries who came here to try to do better for themselves and their families. I know I shouldn't be surprised...but this seems to be a new low for our country.

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