Friday, November 02, 2007

A Bad Guy in Town

My son has recently become obsessed with bad guys. Sometimes he'll hear a noise and say: "it's a bad guy!" Or at night, he'll have trouble falling asleep, and he'll say that he's thinking about a bad guy breaking into our house. We live in a quiet suburban town a bit southwest of Boston. There is not a lot of excitement in this town: not a lot of positive excitement, and not a lot of negative excitement. Like I said, it's pretty quiet.

But today, it became exciting. The not-so-good kind.

It all started this afternoon. I was pitching balls to my son in the backyard, and there was all this helicopter noise overhead. It was really starting to bug me, and I went into the house.

There was a message on the phone. It was from the Needham Police. There had been a homicide in town, and the suspect was at large, and the schools were in lock-down. Keep your doors locked, they suggested, and call 911 if you see anything suspicious.


I called my son inside, and we turned on the TV. It was like the OJ Simpson car chase, only it was happening in OUR town! Take a look at this photo. That yellow sign is the pizza place we go to all the time. On the right is the CVS.

We were glued to the TV. My son was scared. It felt surreal to me. Apparently an elderly man had been killed in his home, and the police were searching for the killer. They decided to keep all the kids inside the schools for safety's sake.

So we watched all this being played out on TV. The helicopters were projecting images of the police searching for the killer. Police were in the woods, on the streets, guns drawn. Around 4 pm, they arrested a suspect, and the kids were allowed out of school.

And life went back to normal. Kind of.

I still feel safe here. I think of families living in inner-city Boston and other large cities that face violence like this every day, and I am grateful that I live in a relatively safe place. Violence like this is rare in our town, and even though things here aren't very exciting, we live in a safe place. It's ironic how my son worries about bad guys, because today, there was a REAL bad guy in our town. I hope it doesn't happen again for a long while.

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Christi S said...

How scary!! Glad that your family is safe!