Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Charlie Brown

I have fond memories of watching Charlie Brown's Christmas on T.V. as a child. "Christmas time is here..." Even though we are Jewish and (obviously) don't celebrate Christmas, the kids of Charlie Brown have a certain sweetness and innocence about them. At least, that's how I remembered them.

So I invited my son, age 8, to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas with me tonight. He agreed, although he really wanted to watch the Celtics and the Cavaliers play basketball. But at 8 pm, he conceded, and we watched Charlie Brown.

Very different from what I remembered!

First of all: it's not really for kids! The language, the jokes: all very adult! I don't think my son understood half of it. And there were lots of references to things that he couldn't possibly understand.

"Why do they call him 'Charlie Brown' and not just 'Charlie'?" he wanted to know.

So he watched the show, but really didn't enjoy it. Didn't understand it, I'm sure. Was much happier watching the basketball game.

I just checked, and Charlie Brown's Christmas was created in 1965! Yikes! Over 40 years ago! Amazing how the theme of the commercialization of Christmas holds true today...

But I still enjoy it. And it still reminds me of childhood, and of some of the magic of this time of year.

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nachtwache said...

Childhood memories are special, well, the good memories are. One of mine about Christmas is about the awe I felt at seeing the beautiful Christmas tree, all lit up. In Switzerland real candles are used, on little clip on candle holders and sparklers get hung on a branch and lit. We'd always sing carols, my mom would play the zither and we'd play on our recorders.
Your son will have his own childhood memories.