Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Flat Tire

Less than a mile into my drive home from work today, I took a corner a bit too sharply and hit the curb with my tire. I heard a loud "bump" and I almost thought that my car had been hit from behind. I was going to pull over to look at the damage, but then I decided I'd better just go home. I have a tendency to avoid dealing with things, and this is a good example.

So I drove home, trying to tell if the car felt different ("no it doesn't," I kept telling myself -- "maybe it does!") until finally, about a mile from home, a man in a truck actually pulled up next to me and gestured that I should roll my window down. "Your rear tire is almost flat!" he said. That's when I really started to feel it, and by the time I pulled into the driveway, my right rear tire was absolutely flat, and the rim bent. And the hubcap was missing. Damn.

After some calls to my husband, AAA, my son's afterschool program, and a friend who handily lives near the site of my little escapade, I had everything pretty much covered: my husband left work early to pick up my son, AAA was coming to change my tire, my son's afterschool knew that his dad might be late picking him up, and my friend was going to try to find my hubcap. So it all worked out fine in the end, but I still feel kind of stupid. Why did I take that corner so sharply? And why didn't I stop to assess the damage after it happened? If I had, I could have found the hubcap myself, and if I realized that the tire was going flat, I might have not driven on it and ruined the rim. Oh, could-have, should-have. I need to just drop it. But it was kind of a lousy way to end the day.

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nachtwache said...

I'm like that, if I don't watch it, I'll forget about things I'd like to avoid but shouldn't, like bills. My brain just erases the unpleasantness. Not good, then things turn out worse. Sometimes it's just too much stress to handle.