Monday, November 12, 2007

For every woman, there is a path

Today I ran into a woman from my very first play group, from the time when Jordan was about 4 months old. At that time, she had her first child, as well. I remember her because at the time, she was very, very young. I was 38 when I had Jordan, and I think she was 29 -- definitely under 30. I remember her talking about how she wanted to have lots and lots of kids. I've run into her occasionally over the years, and she had one, then two, and then three children.

Well, apparently she has met her goal ("lots and lots"). Today she was holding her fourth baby. Yes, folks, that's right, in the time that I managed to raise one child and complain about it a hell of a lot, she has managed to raise four. And she's not yet 40.

I'm.... speechless. Clearly, not my path, but also, clearly, it's hers.

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