Friday, November 30, 2007

I did it!'s November 30th, and unbelievably, I've managed to post every day. I did NaBloPoMo! Yay!

It's been an interesting exercise, posting to my blog every day. Some days, I really didn't feel like it. Some days, I really enjoyed it. I feel that the quantity of my writing went up (obviously) but not always the quality. Oh, well. I'm still proud that I did it: writing each day.

I made a few new friends via NaBloPoMo, and I'd like to shout out to these women whose blogs I've been following this month:
Coasting Richly
Mr. Lady
Thanks for opening your lives to others so we can take a peek. Thanks also to all who looked at my blog and commented.

I hope to continue on, but probably not every day. I still need to finish the sports quilt for my son. And Chanukah starts in less than a week! Argh!

P.S. Special thanks to Eden who started NaBlo! Wow! Over 6000 people participated this year! Quite an accomplishment!


nyjlm said...

I'm so glad to have met you too! Jewish and public health!

btw, I didn't ever do the meme you tagged me with b/c Kate from NaBlo tagged me with it the same time you got tagged. LOL!

Sorry I haven't commented much here, this month was nuts!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Congratulations! I am so glad I did this, and I am looking forward to keeping up with your posts!

Mr Lady said...

I *embarrased* could NOT figure out where you found my blog! i'm so happy it was NaBloOhYouKnow.


Mr Lady 2007 RulZ!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the linkage. I'm gonna miss NabloPoMo, although I always blog every single day. I never miss. I see we're neighbors of sorts. Why didn't I know that?

nachtwache said...

Phew, that was a hectic month. But we persevered :) I'm linking (subscribing) your blog to my Google reader, that way I can check on my favourite blogs at the same time, on one site.

Anonymous said...

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