Monday, November 26, 2007

It's a guy thing

Every now and then, my 8-year-old son will come home from school in a different pair of pants than the ones he went to school wearing. I will ask him about this, and he usually replies: "While I was peeing, I got some pee on my pants. So I changed them." I never really thought too much about this. We've had a lot of soiling issues with my son (encopresis) which is a much longer post for another time, so a little pee on the pants is nothing in our family.

This morning, I was driving him to school, and somehow, this issue came up again. "Why," I asked, "do you keep getting your pants wet when you pee? I just don't understand."

My son looked at me with annoyance. "When I pee at the urinal, I don't want to pull my pants down, because everyone will see my butt. So I try to pee using the hole in my underwear, and my pants get all wet!"

Oh. Now I see what the problem is. We've -- let me rephrase that, my husband -- has never taught my son how to "pee using the hole in the underwear." Up until now, he has just "dropped trou" when he needed to pee, and this hasn't been a problem. But now that he is 8, and has more awareness of himself and how others see him, this is no longer acceptable - at school, anyway.

How do men pee out of the little hole in their underwear, anyway? I never really understood it.

I informed my husband that he has to give my son a lesson on this topic: TONIGHT.

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nachtwache said...

All the things we take for granted, never thinking that we need to teach our kids, as they're still learning so much about everything.
I trust the lessons helped? :)