Saturday, November 03, 2007


Weekends are very difficult at my house. I know this sounds strange. Most people long for the weekends. Relaxation! Time with family! Time to relax, reflect, rejuvenate! Well, at my home, weekends are difficult. Why? My 8-year-old.

Don't get me wrong. I love love love my 8-year-old son. He is a great kid. The problem is, he has a LOT of energy. During the week, this is channelled into school and after-school activities. But on the weekends, my husband and I bear the brunt of his never-ending energy.

For example: this morning, he awoke before 5 am. He usually rises at 6, but today it was 5. And he is not one to go back to sleep, or one to awake quietly. So my husband decided to take him downstairs (and let me sleep: thank you!), and my husband has been in a REALLY bad mood all day because he is lacking sleep....Jordan watched TV, ate, played, and by 8 am, was ready to go outside. It's raining, mind you. He played basketball. Ate some more. Watched some more TV. I tickled him for a while. We sang a song. The morning wore on....And so the day went by. Slowly. Painfully.

There are 2 problems with the weekend, as I see it. One, we don't usually have enough plans. And two, Jordan is not very good at entertaining himself. These 2 facts collide, and we have a real problem on our hands.

By the time Monday rolls around, I am SO glad to send Jordan off to school and to go to work myself. He does much better with structure in his day (and so do I). So I guess the moral of this post is: try to have a self-entertaining child. Plan lots of fun things to do on the weekend. And there is nothing like a weekend to make you appreciate work...

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Keetha said...

I have a five year old who has lots of energy, too. I try to plan a couple of projects of some sort for us to do on Saturdays. Try to. Thankfully, there is a little boy a couple of years older who lives next door - they run around the yard, ride their bikes in the driveway - it helps!