Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Bah Humbug

I cannot WAIT for Christmas to be over. I'm so sick of the ads, and the songs, and the constant discussion on the radio and the TV and the internet and the newspaper of what to buy and what to eat and what to do.... argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the big deal about Christmas, anyway? It's just a holiday!

And what is the big deal about Santa Claus? Why is it that folks feel that lying to their children about a fictional character who brings them toys is a good thing? Can someone please explain this to me? Why is making a list of toys that you want and then thinking that Santa brings them to you a good thing? Why is buying your family an over-abundance of presents a good thing?

And what is the deal about all the presents???? Why is it necessary to give your kids 5 or 7 or 10 presents all at once? What does this have to do with Christ's birth?

I'm very confused, and cranky (as if you haven't noticed). Can someone please explain to a Jewish girl what is going on? Thanks.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

Well, I am also sick of the commercialization of Christmas, and the purchasing of too many gifts for a child who doesn't need them or appreciate them. We have always stuck to one or two special things per person at my house, and it conserves the proper sense of the observation, often ignored, which is to celebrate the birth of someone who shows us that anyone, no matter how humble their beginnings, can do great things and inspire others to do the same. Kmart wasn't part of it.

nachtwache said...

I agree totally! Here were we already have an overabundance we heap even more stuff on the kids.
It seems to only make them weak, selfish and neurotic. They learn to expect life to be a cakewalk and crumble when it gets hard.
Christ's birth is supposed to be THE gift to the world. Maybe it started that presents were symbolic, in any case, it's gotten out of control. I wish back to simple days, at my parents house we'd sing, play instruments and as I got older, presents became less important than glorifying G-d.
I don't get happiness from stuff, I do from making others happy and staying close to G-d.

nachtwache said...

By the way, nice Winter photos! It looks cold. Santa is an tradition from England, St. Nickolas from mainland Europe is quite different, he's based on a Bishop ( Greek I think) that actually lived a long time ago and he gave necessities to the poor.
In Switzerland St. Nickolas day is on the Dec. 6th, we never got toys, just a visit from St.Nick, several men in town would volunteer to visit as St.N. and parents had to ask for a visit, he'd be briefed by the parents about any bad behaviour they wanted him to address with each child, they'd give him a bag with goodies to give to us,he would bring switches bound together, like a broom made of twigs, without the handle. That was for our parents, in case we needed discipline through the year. His helper carried things for him. We called him 'Schmutzli', it was rumored the bad kids, St.N. took back in the forest as his helpers for a year.
Traditions again and they evolve over time, mixed with culture and religion. I wonder what Google has on it all?
If you get time off, enjoy it!