Saturday, December 08, 2007

Religion in America

I've been working on something about Mitt Romney's speech about religion, and I just can't seem to get it right. So that piece will have to wait. But I was doing some research today, and this is what I came up with about religion in America.

In 2001, a survey was done that represents the religious identification 207 million Americans. You can find it here. They found that of 207 million Americans, there are:

159 million Christians 77%
of these
Evangelical 28%
Catholic 25%
Mainline Protestant 16%

7.7 million all other religions combined 4%

29 million no religion 14 %

11 million refused the survey 5%

(Just to give you an interesting comparison, there were 2.8 million Jews. Wow. No wonder it feels like everyone else is celebrating Christmas... they are!)

So if you look at this, 3/4 of America is Christian, and the last 25% is made up of a small (4%) minority of other religions, plus 14% with no religion and 5% refused. WOW!

Now I really feel like a minority. These numbers are amazing! I guess I'm starting to understand why the Christian Conservatives have such a big say in this upcoming election...


Unknown said...

But wven with those numbers, the conservative christians have WAY too much power over the rest of the nation. They are a small percentage of the whole. It's unfair to link up many of the liberal christian movements wtih them. The UUs would be appalled to know that they're being lumped in with the crazy fundies.

Plus, we shouldn't care anything about religion. Separation of church and state explicitely says that the church should NOT have influence on government. Right?

adena said...

I agree, I agree! I was just looking at the numbers and trying to figure out why everyone was pandering to these guys... Take a look at the chart if you have a chance. By the way, they lump the UUs in with the "other religions" category, not with the Christians!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

I am a liberal Christian who would be more than happy to have no discussion of religion in political discourse-- it is pandering and proselytizing all at once. I don't understand why any discussion of what are essentially ethical issues must take place on the cross, and it just scares me. People think far too little about what our religious freedom really means.

nachtwache said...

Most politicians just use whatever they think will help to get elected, never mind integrity. It's a dirty business, few stay honest. Now there are some real crazies in conservative churches, sometimes the whole church, but mostly, what I understand as conservative Christianity, we're just normal, everyday people who believe the Bible is the word of G-d, and try to live by His commandments. The most important one being love, love G-d and love your fellow humans.