Friday, January 04, 2008

Abortion decisions are made privately

Ellen Goodman has another great op-ed in the Globe, today on the Spears pregnancy, current movies that promote pregnancy over other choices, and how to talk to kids about all this.
"...we are in the midst of an entire wave of movies about unexpectedly pregnant women - from "Knocked Up" to "Waitress" to "Bella" - all deciding to have their babies and all wrapped up in nice, neat bows...

Here is a cinematic world without complication. Or contraception. By some screenwriter consensus, abortion has become the right-to-choose that's never chosen. In "Knocked Up" it was referred to as "shmashmortion." In "Juno" the abortion clinic looks like a punk-rock tattoo parlor."
I couldn't agree more. In today's media, becoming pregnant unexpectedly and then keeping the baby has become de rigueur.

I think part of the problem is that abortion is a private decision. You don't announce to the world that you are pregnant, and not happy about it, and that you are considering abortion. This is something that is done behind-the-scenes. So while, in fact, many women -- yes, even movie stars -- might be choosing abortion, we will never know because this isn't something they talk about in public.

Maybe what has to happen today, which is seeming more like 1970 every day (or even 1950) is that some public figures -- movie stars, whoever -- are going to have to come forward and talk about their abortion decisions in public, so that people can see that yes, some people are still deciding on abortion, and yes, they are not ruined because of their choice.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. While I wish it weren't necessary, the endings of these movies are the not the ones that happen out in the real world.