Thursday, January 03, 2008

Conversation with son

Back story: 8 year old son has been home for 2 weeks of winter "vacation" and has discovered a wide array of activities in order to entertain himself and completely annoy myself and his father.

This morning, 7:56 am:

Son bounces basketball in the kitchen.

"J, stop that! I told you not to bounce the basketball in the kitchen!"

Son stops bouncing ball and sings very loudly.

"I told you a million times not to sing so loudly!"

We get into car. Start driving towards school.

"Mommy, these are all the ways that I can annoy you: I can bounce the basketball in the house. I can sing really loudly. I can hover. I can hug you too tightly."

He smiles.

I guess he knows EXACTLY what he is doing....

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nachtwache said...

You bet! Kids are smarter than we give them credit. Babies learn what makes parents do their bidding. We're manipulated by the best. :) Nice that he's honest too.