Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just another fun day

Kid is driving me crazy.

Got a call around 1:30 pm at work from the school nurse. Kid isn't feeling well. "Doesn't have energy," he complains. Nurse says he doesn't look great. Okay. I'm off to school to pick him up.

Get to school around 2:00. Kid doesn't seem so bad. No fever. No cold. No stomachache. But we're going home...

Kid watches TV. Kid eats ice cream. Wants chicken soup. Make chicken soup with matzo balls. Kid eats soup and 3 matzo balls. Still hungry. Eats hot dogs.

Now kid is feeling better. Wants to go outside to play basketball: NO. Wants to go to the neighbor's house: NO. You are supposed to be sick! Rest! "But I feel fine," kid insists. Refuse to let him play outside. He is angry. He sulks. He plays with balls and sports equipment in the house, as he is not supposed to do.

I am pissed.

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nachtwache said...

Yes, the fun of parenting. The hardest job ever, but ultimately also the most rewarding.