Saturday, February 23, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

I was so looking forward to my week alone at home. I had all these plans, ideas of what I'd do with all that free time. I had a list. You know where this is going, right?

It hasn't worked out exactly as I'd planned.

Yes, the house has been very quiet, and I've had the chance to sleep in a bit. Yes, no one is crashing through the house with balls and pucks and hockey sticks at top speed. Yes, I've been working (slowly) on the valences and I rearranged (artfully, I hope) some vases and pottery and glass pieces to make nice vignettes around the house. I've moved a bunch of toys J doesn't play with any more into the basement. I bought a ton of stuff at Ikea. I've gotten together with some friends.

But overall, it hasn't been as fun as I'd planned. It's almost too quiet, and I seem to have developed ADD because every time I start on one project, I'm distracted by something else in the room, and then I start working on that, and then....

And of course, there was a snowstorm, so I had to spend time shoveling. And the day of the snowstorm, I had to stay at home, which put a damper on some of my plans.

Even I am getting tired of this whining. I guess the bottom line is: I like some quiet time, but not too much. I guess a week is too much.

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nachtwache said...

Now you know. It's good to figure it out. Most people don't like being alone too much. He'll grow up and get busy with life and you might become a grandma and enjoy some time with little ones. Parenting is intense; definitely the hardest job you'll ever have. Also rewarding.