Thursday, February 28, 2008

Living Room Reclaimed!

In spite of all my angst, I did actually complete my living room reclamation project while DH and DS were away last week. I got rid of a toy shelf that hadn't been used in years (yay Freecycle!), purged all the toys except the games that DS actually plays with, and rediscovered pottery and glassware that I haven't seen in years to put on display on the mantle and on shelves.

Here are the new curtains I made:

...and here is the straightened and purged toy area....

...and here is a new lamp I bought from Ikea!

The living room looks like a REAL living room now and I am very proud of myself. Also, I'm having some friends over for brunch in a few weeks, and now my house looks more like a house and less like a yard sale!

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