Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I am having a mammogram on Thursday, and I just started to get nervous this morning. I missed my mammogram last year (I shouldn't have, but somehow I did), so it's been 2 years since my last one. I'm afraid of what they will find.

I hate to say it, but I fully expect to get breast cancer sometime in my life. One in seven is pretty high odds, and I already know quite a few women who have it. Also, my mom had it when she was around 48, and I'm almost there.

So I'm getting nervous. Jumpy. Antsy. Scared. Can you blame me?


Anonymous said...

Good for you for going in. I know how you feel, I always get nervous too. My husband tells me to not worry until I have something to worry about. Definitely easier said than done, I know. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I get one every year because my mother was 40 when hers was discovered, so I am high risk. Thinking of you.