Friday, February 01, 2008

Now I'm Confused

So I watched the Democratic "debate" last night on CNN, and Obama and Clinton were being extremely nice to each other. Clearly, there is more that they agree upon than disagree upon. In a way, it's sad that we (and they) have to go through this whole campaign, when in reality, they are quite similar.

Except...I hate to say it...Hillary impressed me more than Barack did last night. She really did. She seemed much more on the ball, seemed to have more fleshed-out ideas, seemed more politically savvy. I wanted to like him more... but I didn't. She impressed me.


Perhaps, in the end, they will both be on the ticket, so I won't have to decide after all. But for now...who do I vote for on Tuesday???

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Anonymous said...

I read a long article about Hilary in last week's New Yorker that's available online. It actually swayed me toward Obama.