Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Basketball Man

There is a Hebrew children's song called "Ha'ish Ha'Yarok" which means The Green Man. It tells the story of a green man, who wakes up in his green bed, has green dreams, lives in his green house, and he has a green wife and green children, etc. It's very cute.

So this is the story of The Basketball Man, aka my 8-year-old son J. He woke up this morning to watch the recording of the end of the NCAA Sweet Sixteen game that he couldn't stay up to finish last night. He worked for quite a while, making his own version of a basketball card, for one of his favorite North Carolina players. At 9 am (which is the earliest we'll let him outside on weekends), he played basketball outside for quite a while.

After lunch, he played basketball some more. We went to local sporting goods store to buy baseball pants for Little League (which starts this Thursday -- if it doesn't snow) and while we were there we just happened to buy him a North Carolina basketball jersey that was on sale. And a basketball headband, which he's been wanting.

Upon returning home, he donned the headband, and played basketball some more, first with my husband and then with the kids next door. Then he watch more of the NCAA games.

After dinner, we finished up the NCAA game (Kansas beat Davidson, unfortunately) and then watched a bit of the Celtics, who were creaming the Heat. After a bath, we read some of his current book, which is about, you guessed it, basketball. He put on his basketball headband, and went to sleep, and is probably dreaming of basketball.

Boys are so funny. My little Basketball Man.

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nachtwache said...

That's sweet. We love them even if they can be challenging, don't we? Even the big boys :)