Monday, March 24, 2008

Comparison shopping

I picked up the Globe this morning and read this fascinating tidbit in the celebrity news:
Seems Patriots QB Tom Brady has a big fan in tiny Romeo Beckham. The 5-year-old son of soccer superstar David Beckham spent Saturday afternoon shopping with his mom, Victoria, and her pal Eva Longoria Parker in Beverly Hills. Romeo was spotted wearing a blue No. 12 Patriots jersey.
I couldn't help but wonder what shopping with Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham and Eva (Desperate Housewives) Longoria Parker is like... What stores do they go to? What do they buy? How much money do they tend to spend in a shopping trip? Do they have security guards with them?

Just to give you a comparison, we did a big shopping trip this weekend to Natick/Framingham (alas, no security guards in tow). We went to Target for sneakers for J (no luck), some new pants, shorts and shirts for J (pretty good luck), cleaning products, and some pink earrings to go with my Purim costume (probably $60 total at Target). Then we went to Payless Shoes and succeeded in finding 2 pair of shoes for J, one a sneaker, and one a "dressier" shoe for Temple, total about $22. Then off to BJ's where we got sponges, paper napkins, tomato sauce, etc. and spent over $100. This was a BIG SHOPPING DAY for us. We probably dropped close to $200, although we purchased a lot of things that we needed, and we won't need sponges for a long while...

I wonder if Posh and Eva ever go to Target and BJs? Nah....

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