Friday, March 28, 2008

Even more on Obama and race

Still listening to that On Point podcast I started yesterday, today. Still really, really impressed with it.

Andrew Young, who I realize is a controversial figure, none-the-less is saying some important things. The notion that you really need to listen to other people and understand their experience in order to even start a conversation about making change, is so important. He gives many examples of times that he has done this in the African American community. And this is what Obama is talking about. You have to listen.

It's useless to just have 2 people with 2 different points of view screaming at each other. All you do is get more and more entrenched in your position. In order from them hear each other, you have to create an environment that allows them to listen.

Call it mediation, call it active listening, call it what you will: it's important. And Obama gets it.

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