Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Karen over at Pediascribe is having a contest for some adorable eco-friendly bags called Skeeda bags (especially the Eggshell bag!), so I'm going to enter the contest by talking about what I do to help the environment.

My family is actually pretty good in this arena.

1) We recycle! We recycle as much as possible since we don't have trash pick up, but rather have to bring our trash and recycleables to the dump transfer station, which forces us to separate out everything, and we definitely deposit MUCH MORE paper, bottles, cans, and corrugated paper in the recycling bins than trash.

2) We compost! We keep all our kitchen scraps (vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grinds, egg shells, etc.) in a Kitchen Compost Crock, which I then transfer to a plastic container, which I then transfer outside to a composter! The soil then goes into our garden!

3) We use paper, not plastic! I always ask for paper at the grocery store, and then use the paper bags for holding our recyclables. If we do bring home plastic bags, we either re-use them or else recycle them at the grocery store.

4) We have replaced some -- but not all -- of our lightbulbs with the eco-friendly variety.

5) We have only one child. :-)

6) We re-use copy paper from our offices as much as possible, and print onto the back side (clean side) of the paper.

7) We have a small house (unlike many in our town...)

8) We belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture farm) in W. Mass. during the summer and fall, and pay to help run the farm, and in return receive a share of fresh, organic veggies every week!

9) We have an automatic thermostat that shuts off during the day, and turns on in the evening, then shuts off again when we sleep.

10) I plant a garden every summer!

11) We joined to reduce junk mail!

Things we plan to do:
1) Use the Laptop Lunches Bento Box lunch system for my son's lunch

2) Calculate our carbon footprint and try to offset it as much as we can.

Great contest, Karen! Thanks!

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