Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It's March 25th. It's 29 degrees in Boston. I'm still wearing my long winter coat (although I didn't put on gloves this morning). At 6 am this morning, we were watching the Red Sox play their first game of the season in Japan. What is wrong with this picture?

In other news, my son spent about half an hour this morning trying to learn how to tie shoes. He's still working on it, but I give him an A for effort. One of the undesirable negatives of Velcro footwear is that he never learned to tie shoes (he never needed to...).

As we were walking into school this morning (late of course, after the baseball and the tying of the shoes) he said to me: "I'm so happy just knowing that the Red Sox are playing again!" A true baseball fan has been born.

And finally... after a week and a half without a washing machine, our new one is being delivered today. Hallelujah!

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nachtwache said...

Not having it sure makes you appreciate modern conveniences when we do have them again.
I grew up in an old farmhouse, no running hot water, wood heat,outhouse style toilet, but in the barn.....
do I ever enjoy hot showers and central heat!
:) My godfather helped me to learn tying my shoes real quick, he said his town's Easter bunny wouldn't come and bring me anything; I practiced 'till I could do it,on the same day.