Friday, March 28, 2008

Passover is coming

The way I know that Passover is coming, in my house, is that matzo crumbs start appearing EVERYWHERE. As soon as the boxes of matzo start appearing in on store shelves, my husband has to buy some. Then he proceeds to eat it as a snack. No many how many times I admonish him to "use a plate!", he still manages to get matzo crumbs everywhere. And now my son is following suit.

I really don't like matzo, and don't eat it except during Passover, so I can't see why everyone else is so excited about its arrival. And I hate the crumbs.

Happy Passover! And bring on the Dustbuster.


nachtwache said...

It must be a 'man' thing, my husband, who was adamant that there would be no eating in the living room, constantly does it and has crumbs all around and on his chair, which cost a fortune to have recovered.
It seems he meant the 'kids' can't eat here, but he can.
Make the guys vacuum up the crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adena wish you happy passover to you and your family...Njoy!