Thursday, March 13, 2008

Prostitution isn't very funny

It's called the oldest profession, and suddenly everyone is laughing it up over the 22-year-old call girl that led to the fall of the Governor of New York. As I said before, I don't think it's at all surprising that he did it. But I don't think her situation is funny at all.

It is a sad commentary on our country that some women feel that the best way to make money is by selling their bodies to men. Appearing in pornography, stripping, and even prostitution itself are ways that women can make a lot of money, but at what cost to their minds and their souls?

The articles about the young woman describe very little. She is pretty; she likes to sing and wants to be a singer; she claims she was abused as a child. Her mother is my age (!). Did she go to college? Did she study to be something? No one is talking about that. Everyone is just laughing.

Here are a few articles I found:
from the NYTimes
from Australia
from Canada

What's scary is she'll probably receive more fame from this escapade than if she just remained an anonymous prostitute. Now that's a sad commentary on our country if I ever heard one.

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