Thursday, May 01, 2008

Green isn't new, it's just fashionable

I am so old (!) that I can remember the first time that being "green" was hip. It was during the 1970s. That was the beginning of recycling programs. People brushed their teeth without the faucet running. They put bricks in their toilet tanks. They worried about not having enough gas for their cars.

Then things died down for a while, and "green" went out of fashion. "Green" came back again sometime during the '90s. I even have cloth shopping bags to prove it. People bought smaller cars. Then they bought bigger cars again. "Being green" died down again. Then Al Gore and "An Inconvenient Truth" came out, and suddenly people are interested in climate change and global warming, and now we are back to "green" again. You literally cannot turn a corner these days without seeing a sign, an ad, an article, or something about being "green." You'd think it was something new!

I'm feeling very cynical.

Apparently I'm not the only cynic out there, because I was looking for links on recycling and I came upon this one, which is hysterical!

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