Monday, April 14, 2008

Random thoughts after a short trip

You know you have a good friend when you don't see each other for months at a time, but when you do get together, you just pick up the thread of where you left off as easily as if you had seen each other the week before.

We are growing older. "How is it," asked my friend, "that you are brave enough to go gray?" "I'm just lazy," I replied. "I don't want to have to color my hair every 6 or 8 weeks." It's true. I can barely manage to get to the hair dresser every few months for a cut. I'd hate to have my hair colored and then have raccoon stripes when the gray comes in. So instead I'm just gray. Well, not entirely gray, but pretty gray.

We were looking at the backs of our hands. The skin is thinner now, and less elastic, and we have age spots. My friend remembered looking at her mom's hands when she was a child, and touching the thin skin on the back of her mom's hands, and seeing how the veins move, and now her hands look just like that.

For her son's Bar Mitzvah party, my friend opted against a dance, and chose instead to have a fun, movement-oriented party at a place with giant inflatable slides and bouncers called Pump It Up. The kids had a blast, basically running and jumping and playing and being silly for an hour and a half, and getting very sweaty. The adults were talking about bar mitzvah parties we had attended as kids -- the obligatory DJ dance party in the basement rec room (remember rec rooms?) -- and whether this was a better choice. Some kids still opt for dance parties, but for this particular set of kids, this seemed just right. As we left, one kid was overhead saying: "This was the best Bar Mitzvah party ever! Usually they make us dance!"

Returning home
When we got home, I read the mail, took a nap, unpacked the suitcases, did several loads of laundry, made dinner, went to the grocery store, put the laundry away, read my email, took a bath, went to sleep. My husband and son watched the baseball game. What is wrong with this picture?

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nachtwache said...

Oh boy, you'll just have to start doing less, because they won't volunteer.
I'll usually do the laundry, but my husband gets his pile of clothes to put away; our son does his own laundry.
Your husband could have done the shopping, at least.
I've just gradually cut back and the things my husband will do, like windows, I leave to him. I can stand dirty windows longer than he can ;)
I'm not colouring my hair either.