Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had a pretty vivid dream last night about an old friend, so I looked him up on the internet and sent him a "hi, how are ya?" email. This is what came back via automatic email:
I am traveling and then abroad and will only have email access 1-2 times a week if that for the summer.

So I haven't been in touch with this person for years, but I know he is an academic, teaching and research, and now I know a bit more. HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY KIDS.

Imagine if I said to my husband and son: "Hey, this summer I'm traveling around the U.S., and then I'm going abroad (to Europe, the maybe the mid-east, hell, maybe the far east), and I'll only have email access sporadically. See you in the fall!" What do you think they'd say?

I'm really tempted to try it.

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