Sunday, May 18, 2008

It was the best day ever

Today was a perfect day, from my son's perspective. He is an 8-1/2 year old, sports-loving boy, and through the convergence of several activities, we ended up with a day of boy-loving perfection.

8:25 am - We are off to our first event of the day: Little League baseball game. It only takes about 5 minutes to drive there, and after depositing J there, I head off to post signs at 2 soccer fields (my husband has a bad cold and wasn't able to post the signs or be there at the games himself...but that's another story...). So I drive to the fields, post the signs, and head back to the game. It's a gorgeous, sunny, warm, not-too-hot-and-not-too-cold day.

10:15 am - game ends, we hop into the car and rush home so J can change into his soccer gear. Head over to soccer, which starts at 10:45. The school is having a used book sale, and I snag a few good books. Watch the rest of the soccer game.

12:00 noon - game ends, head home. We each have something to nibble on, and J changes back into his baseball shirt.

12:25 pm - back to the baseball field for game 2 of the day. Husband is feeling a little better and decides to join us. After leaving husband and son at the field, I go to the local garden center, and choose some flowers for my window box. Everything is so beautiful! Put the pots in my trunk, drop them off at home, head back to the baseball field.

2:00 pm - baseball game ends. I am TIRED. We all head back home, and I fix lunch for J and for myself. J rests for a while, then plays basketball outside for a while (will he ever stop?).

3:15 pm - there is a birthday party for the little boy next door, and J is invited. They are going to play street hockey at a local playground. J heads over.

3:30 pm - I hear the kids heading out to the playground. I'm reading in bed. I'm getting sleepy, very sleepy...

5:00 pm - I hear the kids returning from the playground.

5:50 pm - J comes home from the party, and we watch the end of the Celtics game (they won!).

7:00 pm - it's still light and warm outside, in spite of a little rain, and J is back outside playing basketball, and playing with the kids next door. Soon, all of them are playing basketball in our driveway. Will he EVER get tired?

8:00 pm - I force him to come in and take a bath. He is REALLY dirty. While in the bath, I ask him about this day, and he starts singing a song from school: "It was the best day ever..."

It really was.

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