Friday, May 30, 2008

New kids on the block

I've always considered our neighborhood to be a pretty friendly one. We live at the top of a rather long street, and the 8 or so houses in our immediate area are what makes up our little "neighborhood." When we moved in -- almost 10 years ago! -- there were 3 younger kids in the house to our right and 3 older kids in the house to our left, and the rest of the street was older couples or singles, and that all seemed fine to us. When my son was little, he like to visit the older kids (to the left) and see what they were up to. As he grew older, he started playing pretty regularly with the kids next door to the right, who are closer to his age. They have 2 girls and a boy, and even thought the boy is about 2 years younger than J, they get along just fine.

We've had quite a bit of change this past year: one older couple across the street moved away, and a younger couple with a baby (and another on the way) moved in; an older woman up the hill passed away, and builders destroyed her house and have been working on a new one; and next door to the left, the owner (who is also a builder) took down his old house, and built a new one. The new family just moved in next door. They have 4 kids. So this has effectively doubled the number of kids playing on the street.

The weather has been beautiful, and now I hear little voices chatting and little feet running all the time. All the kids have been playing together and seem to be enjoying themselves. The doorbell rang earlier, and it was one of the little guys (I'm going to have to learn their names soon) who wanted to see if J could come out and play basketball. What's funny now is that J is one of the BIG kids. Now the little kids on the street will be looking up to HIM. Now that's interesting....

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