Monday, June 02, 2008

Blog statistics and Google searches

An interesting feature of having a blog is being able to look (obsessively) at your blog's statistics. (I use something called Google Analytics, but I'm sure there are other providers out there.) You can see how many people read a particularly page on your blog, what state or country they came from, and so on.

One thing I enjoy discovering is how people found my blog in the first place. Sometimes, people do a Google search and end up on my blog. Occasionally they actually read it!

But what's REALLY interesting is the kind of things people type into Google. You would not believe it. Here are a few examples of things that people searched on that then sent them to my blog:
  • "i ate non kosher chicken and i feel guilty" - was this person actually hoping to reduce their guilt by reading the internet? amazing!
  • "breastfeed baby only gained a few ounces in a month" - this type of thing breaks my heart, as I had a similar experience. I hope they found the help they needed on the internet.
  • "breastfeeding and fenway park" - were they wondering if they can breastfeed a baby at the ballgame, or did they have something more sordid in mind???
  • "do children make you happy?" - a question I have asked myself...
  • "do jewish mothers breastfeed?" - now that's an interesting twist
  • "im not stupid but why is israel only 60" - another interesting question, but why did they have to add the part about not being stupid to their Google search? Did they really think that would affect the outcome of their search? Or do they think that Google is reading and understanding their search? Mystifying...

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nachtwache said...

It's interesting what people search for, sometimes disturbing.
I wrote about Dachau, Eisenhower etc., lots of people are searching that, I even got comments from someone I didn't 'know' already.
Always love comments :)
I can't read everything I'd like to, or write as much as I'd like. Not enough time. But I still check the stats. :)