Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's been hot. Really, really hot.
Now it's not.
But the memory of the heat
is in my bones.
That "can't stand to be in my skin"
kind of heat.
Can't eat, can't cook, can't read
Can't type, can't walk, can't do anything
But complain
Kind of heat.

After 10 years of living in our little colonial house, we (or should I say, I) am thinking about getting central air conditioning. Yes, it will cost a lot. Yes, we will only use it for a few months each year. But man, do we need it. I need it. I. Need. It.

My DH says, "you look into it! you call the contractors!" knowing full well that I HATE doing that kind of thing. But I surprised him (and myself) and I did call someone, and they are coming out next week to do an estimate. So now my DH is running scared. Now suddenly he wants to know what I'm thinking. About ways to cut costs. About different ways to do it. I knew this would happen: once I started the process, he would get involved. I knew he couldn't stay out of it.

So maybe we will have a/c sometime soon. Hopefully by the next big heatwave.

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nachtwache said...

I hope you get your air conditioning. We bought 3 portable once, for the bedrooms. Not cheap, but worth it. We only wish! We've still been heating the house, in June! Now this week in Ontario, the weather followed us here. Last week they had it oppressively hot, this week it's overcast, rainy and cool. Maybe we should advertise ourselves as rain-makers. :)