Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer arrives

After a spring that was very reluctant to arrive this year, today the temperature here in Boston is 90 degrees. Feast or famine...

Also, today was the first chance I had to plant my garden, so plant I did... in 90 degree weather. (Suffice to say I've taken 2 showers today, and I may not be done.) I planted 2 types of cukes (pickling and regular) , 2 types of tomatoes (Best Boy and cherry), some zucchini, some beans (seeds, so we'll see...) and one sunflower plant. I also have a raspberry bush that is taking over half of the garden. I'm hoping for the best... watching the little plants sitting there in the hot sun, it's hard to believe they'll ever grow! But that's how I feel every year.

So in the end, I decided not to go to the funeral of my former co-worker. I probably should have gone: it was probably the right thing to do. These are my reasons for not going: a) I don't know any of her family b) I would probably feel uncomfortable in a black church c) it would probably be extremely sad d) I'm angry at M for not taking care of her health problem before it became a real problem, and it was too late...

Not sure if those are good reasons, but those are the ones I came up with. So I'm going to remember M in my own way, without the benefit of community. Or perhaps just with the community of other former co-workers, if that is something that happens.

I was thinking that I know 3 women who died in their early or mid-forties, 2 from breast cancer, and now M. It just seems like such a waste, to end a life in the middle.

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