Sunday, June 29, 2008

GOOD kid films

We saw Wall-e last night with J and a friend of his, and I was pleasantly surprised (and moved) by the film. The way the robots were anthropomorphized (not sure if that's a word) was amazing, and the film worked on several levels. It was a love story, a story about the environment, and also a story about obesity. And now I've got songs from "Hello Dolly" stuck in my head (you have to see the film to understand...)

I loved how Wall-e would fold into himself, turtle-like, when he was afraid, and I loved how Eve's (the female robot) eyes would reveal her emotions. It was really quite adorable.

Here is a review from USA Today that captures it nicely.

We saw Kung Fu Panda last week (it IS summer vacation, after all) in IMAX, and I really enjoyed that one, as well. Funny, no potty humor, and with a nice message. I recommend both!

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