Monday, June 23, 2008

You can't go back

So we found the picnic basket and the little fold-up table and bought lots of picnic-type food and packed it up and drove to the trolley station and took the trolley into Boston and walked from the trolley to the Esplanade and put down our blanket and set up our table and ate our food and waited for the concert to begin.

It was a beautiful summer evening, warm but with a breeze. The crowd was pretty mellow, as you would expect an oldies crowd to be. Cigarette smoke wafted by (a bit too much for my taste). Kids threw Frisbees and balls. We ate and chatted, and waited.

The concert began.

First up was the 5th Dimension. They started, oddly, with 2 songs that weren't even theirs. Eventually, they did get to some of their classics, like Up, Up and Away, The Age of Aquarius, and One Less Bell to Answer. I think only one member of the touring group was an original member. They were fine...enjoyable...

Then came David Cassidy.

His body looks the same: slim. His hair isn't the same, sadly. And his voice... definitely not the same.

The oddest thing about him was the strange ramblings. He kept going on and on about this and that, people he knew, how he loved the Celtics, loved Boston, even though he was from New York, then California... How he hung out with John Lennon (really?). He started a song, forgot the words.

He sang a few Partridge Family favorites, most notably Point Me In the Direction of Albuquerque which J and I both love. So that was nice. But he also sang some rock n roll stuff that we didn't know, and he really wasn't very good. It was like anyone getting up and prancing around the stage and singing, not someone famous. And it made me sad, how he kept referring to the Partridge Family, thinking that it was 40 years ago and that was the best (or at least, most accomplished) part of his life?

So we left around 9 pm, to walk to the trolley to take us to the car to drive back home. And I was a little sad. Because, in the end, you really can't go back.

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alyssa said...

c'mon, get happy and give david a break. who has 70's hair anyway? i think he looks fabulous and love his hair just the way it is. and to be fair, he really didn't forget any words - he's a pro. his current set includes two accoustic songs, he was just fooling around with a third, so he didn't sing it. big deal. i think his voice is strong and beautiful and he treated those that were there to what they wanted to hear, mostly Partridge Family songs. the other "rockers" you didn't know were originally done by the Beatles and Cream. i enjoyed them as well as the whole show. i'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as i did.