Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you have a little boy?

When J was born, we received many beautiful presents, and quite a few with his name on them. There was a name plaque with hooks that we hung outside his bedroom door, and a smaller one with a figure of a baseball player that we hung near the back door. There was a puzzle with his name, and a set of wooden trains that spelled out his name. And a wonderful ride-on car with a bright yellow construction hat, both with his name on them.

Alas, as part of the bedroom renovation, J is no longer interested in all these "little boy" things.

So I put an ad on my local Freecycle. Maybe there was someone out there who could use them?
Do you have a small son named J? If so, we have the following:
-a construction hat (yellow) with J on it
-a wall sign with hooks (to hold clothing, etc.) that says J and
has a car on it
-a wall sign with a little boy and a baseball bat, that says J on it
I'd be happiest if you'd take all 3! Thanks!
Sure enough, someone replied. A nice couple with a 16 month old named J, and they would love the stuff. It was a shidduch made in heaven. The dad dropped by to pick up the goods, and brought the little J in with him. So cute!

We feel good. They feel good. We recycled. And now a little J out there somewhere is using my big J's things. Isn't it grand?

Our J in the yellow construction hat, age 1.5 (2001)

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