Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just say NO to back-to-school

Okay, it's July 10th, and it's been summer for how many weeks now? Not yet 3 weeks (I just checked.) School has been out for slightly over 3 weeks, and my son is enjoying his 3rd week of camp. Things seem slowed down, and I'm enjoying seeing parents walking, biking, shopping with kids of all ages where-ever I go. It's summer, and the living is easy... Why am I starting to see signs of back-to-school already?

In CVS, the binders and backpacks have made their appearance, alongside the bottles of sunscreen and bug spray. The Sunday paper has back-to-school clothing ads. LLBean is sending out their fall catalogs.

Stop! I'm not ready for summer to be over yet! It's just started!

Stop it NOW!


Little Imp said...

Hi! I just found your blog - as another "Jewish Feminist Mom" from the Boston area, I think it's great! (Oh, and I love Noa too . . .) I've enjoyed your posts, and I am going to check out some of the other blogs and podcasts you mention. Thanks!

nachtwache said...

I always loved summer time, it gave us so much freedom to do fun things.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Just try buying a bathing suit or something summery now - limited selection at best. Its ridiculous!