Sunday, July 06, 2008

Looking back 9 years

Nine years ago, right about this time of year, we were deciding on paint colors for our new baby's room. We ended up choosing a very light and calm purple. We also chose a border with a Noah's ark theme: very happy looking animals. The room was perfect for either a girl or boy (I don't think we knew the sex at that point.)

And now nine years have passed, and that baby boy is no longer interested in purple or in Noah's ark, so today A and I spent a few fun hours scraping a Noah's ark wallpaper strip from off the perimeter of J's bedroom. The walls are still purple -- painting will have to wait for another day -- but it's starting to look like a boy's room, not a baby's room. Actually, J has already been working on transforming his room, by taping photos of sports stars all over his walls, and sports schedules, and team lists... It really hasn't been a baby's room for a while. But now we are making it official.

I actually had a moment of sadness this afternoon as I saw the wall came clean of the carefully-chosen wallpaper, uncovering the carefully drawn pencil lines that A had made to ensure that the wallpaper border was straight. Was that really 9 years ago??? So much has happened in the past 9 years. I knew so little about what becoming a mother would mean.

Now I REALLY have to get back to finishing up that sports quilt.

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