Monday, August 25, 2008

Baseball Heaven

We are in Cooperstown, New York, which, for the uninitiated, is home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Or as my 9-year-old son puts it, Heaven on Earth. It is amazing to experience my son's excitement. He is beside himself! The little town of Cooperstown contains, besides the Hall of Fame, row upon row of stores selling bats of all kinds (which you can have personalized with your name engraved on it), shirts of all kinds and from all teams, every kinds of baseball paraphernalia imagineable, and is filled with kids and adults alike, all baseball fans. It truly is baseball heaven.

J doesn't know what to do first. He loves the Hall of Fame, and has visited it at least 3 times since we've been here. He loves the stores. He loves Doubleday Field. He wants to watch baseball, play baseball, inhale baseball.

We also visited a compound about 5 miles away from Cooperstown proper which houses little league teams from all over the country who come to play baseball against each other. It is called the Coopertown Dreams Park. It was really amazing -- and exciting! -- to watch 12 and 13 year old kids play baseball on real fields. J was beside himself. He wanted to do it NOW!

Experiencing Cooperstown through J's eyes is something I won't soon forget. It's hard not to get pulled into his excitement; and I have.


Erin said...

It must be wonderful to see your son like that! I know I love seeing my husband with that much excitement (fire trucks do it for him).

Thanks for stopping by. It seems the second I broke the news people wanted to know everything from what crib and stroller I was using to the status of breastfeeding. It's like you become communal property.

alicia said...

that is so wonderful! I am so glad you got to experience life through his eyes for a little while!

here from ICLW

Kate said...

Here from ICLW. Cooperstown is on my list of places to visit!!