Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama is good for the Jews

The Jewish Advocate is Boston's Jewish newspaper. That's about all it's got going for it. The writing tends to be poor, the leaning is very politically and religiously conservative, and the copy editing is terrible. However, I continue my subscription year after year, mostly just to see what is going on the Boston-area Jewish community.

This week's issue included letters to the editor by two members of my synagogue. Both letters were very anti-Obama. The myths of Obama's ties to Palestinians and his lack of support of Israel abound. Here is a link to the letters.

So I wrote a letter of my own. And I'm pretty sure if it gets published, neither of these 2 people will talk to me again. Or they might talk to me, but won't respect me. But I had to say what I felt. Here's my letter:
To the editor:

I am tired of hearing about how McCain will be good for Israel, therefore we Jews must vote for McCain. How shortsighted to focus ONLY on Israel as THE issue upon which to choose a president!

In my opinion, Obama is intelligent, insightful, and has the ability to listen. With a background in law and community organizing, has the right skill set to help create the kind of world we need that might lead to peace in the Mid-East someday. Bush's policies and attitudes have led to an increase in anti-American and ani-Western sentiment around the world, and these have led to an increase in hatred of Israel. American's position in the world will IMPROVE if Obama is elected president, and this will HELP Israel.

In addition to these issues, I feel that Obama and the Democratic Party in general will be better for America than McCain and the Republican Party. Reproductive rights, immigrants rights, education, and other domestic issues will also improve under a Democratic administration.

I urge your readers to stop proliferating lies about Obama's Palestinian ties and Islamic roots. Obama will be good for America, AND good for Israel. We have to be willing to take a chance for change.
We'll see if they print it. And if they do, how much trouble I get into.

P.S. They printed it!

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nyjlm said...

you go girl! I hope that the people you are disagreeing with will not hold your difference of opinion against you.