Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reflections on a trip

For some reason, we felt it necessary to take on this 4 day trip the following:
  1. two cell phones
  2. two i-Pods
  3. one Garmin GPS
  4. one digital camera
  5. one digital video camera
  6. a laptop computer
And, oddly, we actually used all these items, except one of the i-Pods. How is it that 3 people can use 7 items of technology in 4 days?

* * *

I had the foresight to borrow a "book on CD" for the trip from work, and we listened to the adventures of Kinsey Millhone in "R is for Ricochet" for many hours during our drive to and from NY. A and I have listened to several of Sue Grafton's mysteries over the years during long drives, but J has never had the opportunity. He really loved it. The story had a bit too much sex (we actually had to skip over a few of the racier passages) and quite a bit of foul language (which J loved, of course), but overall, it was interesting, exciting, and kept us going for a quite a while.

* * *

Couldn't resist this photo of J acting "cool"

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Danifred said...

I recently went on vacation with 3 other girls. We all brought our laptops and one even brought two (one personal, one work). We all used everyone of them.