Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A connection

So suddenly, The Pig In Lipstick (or the Hockey Mom in Lipstick, depending on who you talk to) is all anyone is talking about. Apparently Obama has taken a big hit in the polls since the RNC. I keep reading commentators who say that Americans are looking for a connection with this year's candidates. Somehow, it doesn't matter what they are planning to do with our mess of a country: we want to feel connected to them. And suddenly, people are feeling more connected to Palin than to Obama.

Are people really that stupid?

Yes, she is a woman. Yes, she is a mom. But that is where the resemblance to any woman I know ends. She obviously has tons of help with her children and household (just to let you know, I just cleaned the bathroom floor - I'm the only one who does it in my family, and we don't have a cleaning service). She is extremely Conservative in her political views. She is anti-choice. Her experience in the political arena is limited at best. She worked in broadcast news. Am I supposed to feel connected to her?

She seems somewhat intelligent, but I don't see the depth of intelligence, nor the understanding of nuance and complexity that I see in Obama. I like the way Obama thinks. So I guess you could say I feel more connected to him. If that even matters.

There is a LOT out there on the 'net these days about Palin, and here are some of my favorites currently: I love what Mojo Mom has to say about Palin. And here's what some other women think. And Maureen Down has some interesting things to say. And here's a nice one. Enjoy!

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Little Imp said...

Thanks for posting this about Palin. I am so terrified now. (oh, and I heard you on Manic Mommies - you were great!).