Monday, September 22, 2008

Cranky and worried

So now J has a weird virus or something, and has been having on-and-0ff temperatures for the past few days. He was home on Friday, and is home again today.

I just received an email from J's school that one of his teachers has metastasized lung cancer, and will be leaving the classroom in order to pursue aggressive treatment. They are going to tell the kids this afternoon.

A few days ago, A heard from an old friend that his mother, who is almost 100, had a fall and a stroke, and is about to die. To further complicate things, A's relationship with the friend isn't good, and the friend doesn't want A to come to the funeral.

And to top it all off, A got sick last night, so now we are both worried about it turning into another bowel obstruction.

And I still don't have the results of my skin biopsy back yet.

I can't decide which thing to worry about first.

P.S. Update: J's fever has subsided and he is back at school. A's stomach is feeling better, and he is back at work. They told the kids about their teacher, and while it was very sad, it was handled very well and everyone seems to be doing okay. Now I just need to hear about the biopsy...

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