Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inadvertent sex ed

My 9-year-old son, like many kids his age, is into the Jonas Brothers. Backed by, and perhaps even created by Disney, they are generally not offensive, and occasionally, their songs are even somewhat catchy. I can remember being into the Partridge Family when I was his age, so I don't think the Jonas Brothers are really any different. Young, somewhat wholesome, non-offensive. Marketed to kids.

J has downloaded some of their songs onto his iPod, and while I don't think he really understands the words, he seems to enjoy the songs. When we were away in NH this summer with my family, my brother and his 2 boys and J were belting out Jonas Brothers songs together: it was pretty cute. So far, so good.

The other day, J was looking up some Jonas Brothers songs on YouTube. I was a little surprised, when I peered over he shoulder, to see how suggestive the videos were that went along with some of the songs. I thought these were for kids! But not wanting to pique J's interest even more, I didn't comment. If I had forbidden him to watch those videos, you can be sure he would want to even more.

Later on, however, he apparently had clicked on some of the "suggested videos" that ran alongside some of the songs, and in one, he was disgusted to see a couple "kissing and sticking their tongues into each others mouths." He was really grossed out - almost nauseous, in fact. He didn't want to see it anymore, didn't want to think about it. "How can people do that?" he demanded.

This is how my kid is learning about sex.

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