Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The little c

So the thing they biopsied from my shoulder is basal cell carcinoma, the most common, slowest growing and least lethal form of skin cancer, the nurse practitioner reassured me. It's still very weird to have the word "carcinoma" associated with myself.

Many people I know have cancer currently (breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer). I've lost several friends and relatives to breast cancer at young ages. My mom had breast cancer before she was 50, which puts me at a higher risk. In all honesty, I completely expect to get breast cancer at some point. I don't mean to be negative; I'm just being realistic. However, I don't want find out if I have the BRCA gene. I don't want to take the extraordinary step of having a bilateral mastectomy. I'll get my yearly mammograms, and wait and see.

Meanwhile, in 2 weeks, someone will cut a chunk out of my shoulder, and hopefully that will be that. I'm feeling somewhat numb about it. Hopefully my shoulder will feel the same.

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