Sunday, September 07, 2008

Something tasty and something sad

Something tasty: I've been enjoying the Moosewood version of Gazpacho for the past few weeks, what with all the ripe tomatoes and cukes coming both from the garden and from the CSA. So here's the recipe:

4 c Tomato juice
1/2 c Finely minced onion
1 md Clove garlic, minced
1 md Bell pepper, minced
1 t Honey
1 md Cucumber, peeled, seeded, and minced
2 Scallions, minced
1/2 Lemon, juice of
1 Lime, juice of
1/2 ts Cumin
1/4 c Freshly minced parsley
2 tb Olive oil
Black pepper
Cayenne (all above to taste)
2 c Freshly diced tomatoes

Combine, chill, enjoy! (don't leave out the lemon and lime juice, the honey, or the olive oil - they really make a difference!)

Something sad: I went to my favorite local fabric store today, Fabric Place, and discovered that they are closing! I'm very sad. There really isn't another store like it in the area. They have a great selection, and lots to look at and be inspired by. I wonder if all the online places selling fabric have hurt them. Anyway, I'm surprised at how sad I am about this. It seems like the end of an era. Sigh.

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