Friday, October 03, 2008

After the debate

So she didn't completely suck. But she still said nothing impressive, intelligent, or insightful. You could definitely see her beauty pageant and newscaster roots. She looked lovingly into the camera, flashed that toothy smile, and sent those little digs Biden's way so sweetly that it was easy to forget her pit bull ways. I felt sorry for Biden, not because he didn't obviously have a much better grasp of the issues, but because he probably felt unable to attack her in the way he would have if she was a male opponent. He seemed extremely and unduly polite.

But just because she didn't fall completely on her face doesn't mean that she is ready to lead our country. I'm more afraid than ever.

P.S. This piece puts it much better than I ever could.
P.P.S. I heard Obama is up again in the polls, and McCain has pulled out of Michigan. Yes!

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