Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cancer and cranky

Still cranky. Not exactly sure why.

Some ideas: I have blue thread sticking out of my shoulder where I had the basal cell carcinoma removed. It doesn't hurt much anymore, but is feeling kind if itchy. And it's just weird to look over and see those blue threads. They won't be removed for over a week, still.

I think this whole episode is just making me feel vulnerable. I'm not dealing particularly well with this, how will I ever deal with breast cancer, if it happens to me?

Christina Applegate has been doing the rounds of talk shows to talk about her decision to have a double mastectomy once she discovered that she had breast cancer and had the BRCA1 gene. She makes it seems easy. I don't think it would be easy.

I'm tired of all the talk this month (breast cancer awareness month) about doing things to "beat" breast cancer. I don't think we can beat breast cancer until we can prevent breast cancer, and we won't be able to prevent it until we get the chemicals out of our environment. And that isn't going to happen soon.

Meanwhile...I'm still cranky.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adena, catching up a bit on your blog. I feel for you having a basal cell carcinoma removed because I had the exact same thing removed also from my shoulder. F and I can't remember when but it was a long time ago, maybe 9 years. I remember I used to wear sleeveless shirts constantly as a child and teenager, so my shoulders would get sunburned because what did we know of always wearing sunscreen? Now in my old age, I think about wearing sleeveless tops again, but I'm too gunshy to have my shoulders exposed to the sun and too lazy to always put on sunscreen.
It is a very vulnerable feeling. But I'm grateful for both of us that everything was caught in time. That's the important thing. Heal up and take care. A sweet and healthy New Year to all of you and Happiest Anniversary! B