Thursday, October 23, 2008

The neighbors are Republicans

What's really bothering me about this election isn't who will win -- I truly think Obama is going to -- but how the country is pretty evenly divided on the two candidates. Even if Obama wins, there will still be a huge number of people who actually believe the garbage that Palin and McCain (order intentional) are offering. I find this frightening.

Just to give you an example: my next-door neighbors just planted a rather large McCain/Palin sign in their front yard. Now, I know that they are pretty conservative Catholics. I'm not hugely surprised. But somehow, the sign... It rubs me the wrong way. If I plant an Obama sign in our yard, will it start a feud? That's not what I want. We've been neighbors for 10 years. Our kids play well together. Should our politics matter so much?

Thinking about these neighbors: all four of us are working parents (both moms and dads). We are all busy taking our kids to their activities (although they are even busier than we are with 3 kids' soccer schedules to contend with...). We go to synagogue regularly, they go to church. We mow our lawns and plant flowers. We have pumpkins on our doorsteps. Our kids go trick-or-treating together every Halloween. They have a large extended family, ours is smaller. They don't send their kids to summer camp, while we do. They did a big addition to their home a number of years back, we haven't. They recently took their kids out of Catholic school, our kid still goes to Jewish day school.

So in many ways, our lives are a lot alike. So how can it be that I look at McCain and Palin in absolute horror, and they put a sign up on their lawn promoting them? It just doesn't make any sense.

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