Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If often receive emails from marketing firms, trying to get me to write about their products on my blog. Things like baby blankets and BPA free bottles. Mostly, I ignore them. But this one takes the cake. Here's what the pitch says:

"Without a doubt with celebrities like Demi Moore and Brooke Burke leading the way for Mothers to look like super models. Mother all across the United States are ripping out pages of twenty something celebrities and asking their plastic surgeons if they can do anything to look a little younger. From botox to face lifts Mom’s are finding ways to look younger. This can be confusing to kids, especially young children, who don’t understand why or what Mom is doing.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami board-certified plastic surgeon of Bal-Harbour Plastic Surgery and father of four, is helping parents explain cosmetic surgery to children in his ground breaking children’s book “My Beautiful Mommy.”

“From television to magazines, we are exposed to plastic surgery,” says Dr. Salzhauer, “it has become an everyday circumstance, especially for children. From their favorite movie star or singer who suddenly looks different to their own parents, plastic surgery is an issue that needs to be explained to kids in an educational

Dr. Salzhauer was inspired to write “My Beautiful Mommy” after his four-year-old daughter bombarded him with questions regarding his own nose job. He also noticed that many of his clients came into his office with inquisitive kids in tow – and mothers not knowing how to handle their questions appropriately. “I know how scary and intimidating a doctor’s office can be for most children,” says Dr. Salzhauer. “Kids tend to fill in the blanks in their imagination when they see mommy in bandages and they often feel sad, hurt and confused as to what happened. This book is meant to be a guide for parents who have already decided to undergo plastic surgery; and help explain to their children why mommy looks different.” Dr. Salzhauer recognizes the controversial element of his book. “This book is not promoting plastic surgery. As I have taught my own children, beauty has many definitions – it is not only a physical entity.”

I'm all for educating kids, but this.... I'm speechless.

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christina(apronstrings) said...

oh my word.maybe a better book would be "why mommy feels like she needs to be pretty to have self worth."