Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More on abortion

Since yesterday's post, I've been thinking more about what it takes to be an abortion provider, and how to get the proper training. It seems to me that it might make more sense for OB/GYNs or family practice docs to learn how to do abortions and then do them as part of their practice, instead of that being the only thing they do. It may well be that this is the case already. I'll bet that there are OB/GYNs out there and other docs who will perform abortions for their patients if they need them, but they don't advertise that fact.

And why would they? If you advertise that you provide abortions, then you put yourself at risk of the wrath (or worse) of the pro-life, anti-choice folks. In Boston, in the '90s, a mentally-ill pro-lifer went on a shooting spree at 2 abortion clinics on Beacon Street, killing several people in one day. It was really terrible.

I was also thinking that the typical abortion procedure, a vacuum aspiration or D&C (dilation and curettage), is something that most OB/GYNs are taught in their residencies. Vacuum aspirations and D&Cs are done for many reasons other than abortion; if a woman has a miscarriage, or has abnormal bleeding for some reason, they will scrape out the lining of the uterus using one of these procedures. So why is it that med students don't feel they have the proper training to provide abortions? I'm still trying to understand.

The bottom line is, you can have laws that allow abortion, but if no one will provide them, what good are the laws?

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Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion. However, not all (and in fact - hardly any of us) "Pro-lifers" are radical or would want to "shoot up" any abortion clinic. That happened in the 90's and it has happened one other time. But mostly, we are normal people who just place "life" at a different spot in conception than some of you "Pro-choicers." I think life begins at conception. While others don't think it begins until there is a beating heart. Still others not until the child has taken it's first "mother wanted" breath (I say "mother wanted" because some partial birth abortion crush the skull of the fetus inside the mother than deliver the child. Some will survive for a few seconds or minutes outside the womb, breathing and trying to cry. But, unless the mother is wanting the child, it isn't a "life.") It's just a difference in opinion. Obviously I think my opinion is right or it wouldn't be my opinion right? I honestly think regular OB/GYN's do not offer abortions for a very simple reason. OB/GYN's got into their field because they love taking care of women, pregnant women and their babies. If that is the case, it only makes sense that they would not feel comfortable helping to end pregnancies. Does that make sense? I, like you, think there probably are SOME that do, but just don't advertise. But, because of my previous reasoning I believe the number is few and far between. Interesting blog. Keep them coming.